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A house is not a home without the  heart? and furniture. Many young people today move to a new place for work or study, get a great place to stay and then use old lawn chairs as a couch, a board over cinder blocks as a kitchen table, and sleep on the floor as if they were camping. If you are only in Perth for a short stay, or if you need a few extra pieces of furniture, call us today to discuss furniture for hire in Perth. 

Is your bedroom a little empty? Make it comfy and cosy with a bed, side table and desk. Want a great living room for entertaining? Well then, hire a couch and dinning room table for hosting parties. We have tables, chairs, sofas and home office furnishings just a phone call away.

Many people find they need extra furniture for house guests that are planning an extended stay. This is one of the great advantages of hiring furniture. You can hire what furniture you need in Perth for while you need it without having to pay a lot to buy. When you don't need it you can send it back without having to find a buyer or worry about storage.

Want to hire out extra space such as a basement or extra room in your apartment. Why not hire an extra bed, table and desk to attract a larger market and charge higher rent. 

Hiring furniture is also a great option for many of our small business clients. They use our services for event planning, expanding office space and making employee rest areas nicer. An extra couch can spice up a waiting room and make an office feel more professional. Grabbing a used couch does not convey professionalism. This is why it is important to use high quality furniture hired from a reputable company.

You can rent furniture along with other items such as a home entertainment system and a computer to get a great deal. All can be delivered to your home or business in Perth and usually within a day. If you need it faster, we will do our best to accommodate you. We stock practically everything you need to furnish your home from dishwashers to gas heaters. So give us a call today to find out how easy it can be to hire furnishings in Perth.

At Rentals R Us, we will take the time to help you select the items that will fill your space appropriately. We have all the information you need regarding the dimensions of our products and best of all, a quick 4-5 minute call and delivery can be same to next day!

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