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Washing dishes by hand can be very tedious. Cleaning utensils, wiping plates, scrubbing pots and pans, rinsing glasses all take a lot of time and energy. Why not try a dishwasher rental?

On top of saving you time and energy, did you know that washing dishes in a fully packed dishwasher saves energy and water over washing these items by hand? This is especially the case if you hire one of our energy efficient dishwashers. We have dishwashers for hire with enough capacity to serve the needs of a busy family.

A great feature of our dishwashers is the ability to program multiple settings depending on your needs. If you have a smaller load our dishwashers come with a half load setting. If you have a lot of grease and grime on your dishes use the heavy duty program. In a hurry? Well then the rapid program is for you. Expensive stem wear or cutlery? Try the delicate program.

Our white good machines are very user friendly and easy to use. With a rinse aid indicator light it is easy to know if you should adjust the dishwasher settings. Our machines even have a washing agent dispenser for putting dish detergent. A feature many customers want is noise reduction. Our machines have ultra quiet operation. One thing people don't think about is the need for flood overflow protection, a feature available on our models. Another great feature it the ability to dry dishes quickly. Our dishwashers come with all the electronic controls you need and have a progress indicator so you know how far into the cycle you are.

Think about all the uses you may have for a dishwasher rental. If you are setting up an apartment for yourself or for profit, hiring out is a major plus. You can upgrade your apartment with a dishwasher for a reasonable price. What about at the office? It is very inefficient to have your staff wasting time washing their dishes in the break or lunch room. Provide a hired dishwasher to show you care.

With just one quick phone call you can arrange your dishwasher for hire in Perth today. We deliver to addresses in Perth, usually within a 24 hour period. Our staff members are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the hiring process. We are very flexible when it comes to payment options so give us a call to see how we can best serve you.

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